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本文摘要:You wouldnt think that people with such influence would have such a low salary – but there is a reason behind it.你一定想不到这些鼎鼎有名的大人物却拿着如此便宜的薪水,但这背后是有原因的。


You wouldnt think that people with such influence would have such a low salary – but there is a reason behind it.你一定想不到这些鼎鼎有名的大人物却拿着如此便宜的薪水,但这背后是有原因的。Despite founding Facebook,Mark Zuckerberg takes home just $1 a year for his salary.尽管如此,Facebook创始人马克扎克伯格每年还是仅有带回家1美元的薪水。Hes joined a small but influential group of dollar-a-year men. People who head up big businesses and organisations, but dont want a massive salary.他重新加入了一个虽小却甚有影响的“一年只赚到一美元的男人帮”的组织,这个男人帮的成员都是大企业和机构的领头人,但不拿高薪。

Their ranks include CEOs, socialites and governors, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg.的组织中有首席执行官、社会名流、州长阿诺德·施瓦辛格和迈克尔·布隆伯格等。The tradition began with business executives helping out the US government during periods of war. The law forbids the government from accepting the services of unpaid volunteers.这一传统始自企业高管在战争时期提供支援协助美国政府。法律禁令政府拒绝接受使用权志愿者的服务。Zuckerberg doesnt take a salary – but he DEFINITELY makes money from Facebook扎克伯格不拿薪水——但他认同从Facebook赚In fact he doubled his money from 2013-2014. How did he manage that? Shares.只不过从2013-2014年他的钱刷了一倍。

他是怎么做的?投资股票。His holding worth in Facebook is $27bn. When he needs cash, he sells off a chunk of them. The company also pays all of his travel and security costs.他的Facebook价值270亿美元。当他必须现金时,他就买一支股票,该股票公司还缴纳他的一切旅行和保安费用。

Hes not even the most famous $1 a year man在一年只拿1美元薪水的人中,他还不是最出名的Famously, Apple founder Steve Jobs returned to the then-struggling company in 1997, and refused to take a salary. In fact, he went further and didnt even cash in his Apple shares.众所周知,苹果创始人史蒂夫·乔布斯于1997年公司发展艰难期返回公司,并拒绝接受拿公司薪水,更加没拿苹果公司股票。He ended up doing a decent job, making Apple the most profitable company in the world for several years.他最后做到了一份体面的工作,短短几年的时间就把苹果公司发展沦为世界上最赚的公司。Here are some of the other notable people who only earned $1 a year:一年只拿1美元薪水的人大有人在:Larry Page-Google CEO谷歌首席执行官拉里·佩奇Meg Whitman, Hewlett-Packard CEO惠普首席执行官梅格·惠特曼Jerry Yang, former Yahoo! CEO前雅虎首席执行官杨定远Sergey Brin, Co-Founder of Google谷歌牵头创始人谢尔盖·布林John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO - he also refuses alternative compensation from shares or stocks全食首席执行官约翰·麦基——他也拒绝接受拿公司股票或股份So dont always judge people by their salaries. Though youd normally need a whole load of lucrative stock options to make a $1 paypacket stretch for a year.长时间虽必须用1美元购入一支股票来赚这一年的可观利润,但不要总用工资标准来取决于一个人。